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Welcome to EKU’s General Education Program, the program that will provide you with tools for life.  If you are like most students you may wonder why you need to take general education classes.  Do you wonder why someone who wants to be a nurse, or psychologist, or business consultant should study subjects that have nothing directly to do with those fields? 

Any single discipline has a limited perspective and uses a limited number of tools to solve problems. Thus, if your educational experiences are narrowly focused on a single discipline, you may become an excellent single-tool user and learn to think critically about problems from that single point of view.  Imagine a very useful tool that most of us have used--a hammer. Hammers are excellent tools for problems that include “nails,” but as problems become less nail-like, hammers become less useful. A broad “general” education will provide you with multiple tools that you can use to think critically about many types of problems from different perspectives. This multiple-perspective approach will help you to navigate a complex world with complex problems that seldom stay within the boundaries of a single discipline.

In our rapidly changing world with rapidly changing challenges, being a leader, solving problems, and making a difference in the world will require you to have many tools in your toolbox. EKU’s General Education Program will help you build that toolbox.

View the General Education Requirements.

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